Exciting new programs -- Upcoming PA Day Camp June 7th


Creating an account

To register, book players into our programs and pay we recommend that you click on the attached link.


Once on the link:

1: Click login on the left side of the site and Create an Account

IMPORTANT: Name on the Account should be the person attending the session

2: A confirmation email will be sent to you

3: Click the link on that confirmation email and login to your account

At this point you can now add Parents/Guardians Name

4: Follow the instructions on the left side to purchase and book sessions

5: There is a tab in your profile to add additional siblings and link all family members together. If you have difficulty you can contact leeann@factoryvicpark.co

Thank you for your support and cooperation in keeping our facilities a safe place for all.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hockey Factory.


1: Log into your account at https://factoryvicpark.ezfacility.com/Sessions

2: Top left corner your profile name will appear CLICK IT

3: Your profile page will open

4: Across the top is 3 tabs CLICK Relationship

5: CLICK add relationship

6: Sentence “I want to add” CLICK and a drop down will appear

7: CLICK Player

8: CLICK Next

9: Add Players Name

10: Fill in Players information

11: CLICK Next

12: It will say Players name is a player of “your name”

13: CLICK Submit A green box will appear say client relationship was successful


1: CLICK the date and session you would like to book

2: A box will appear stating date and time of session

3: Third line down will say book for “your name will appear”

4: CLICK it and a drop down will appear with the player’s on your accounts name

5: Continue to book and purchase session

Congratulations, your skater's name will appear on our coaches attendance for the chosen date and time.

We look forward to having you with us at the Hockey Factory
If you need assistance please contact us at info@factoryvicpark.com for assistance



  • There are NO REFUNDS on purchases. If you need to cancel, a credit will be offered if cancellation is requested prior to seven days of the event. Credit will be available for six months from purchase date. No credit will be available for missing a day of camp or session regardless of when the cancellation is made.
  • Purchases are for specified camps and not transferable to other camps
  • At your first visit to Hockey Factory, a participation waiver will be required to be completed.