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Wall Play and Puck Battles

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Unlock Your Wall Play Expertise with Hockey Factory!


Unlock Your Wall Play Expertise with Hockey Factory!

In the NHL, a staggering 80% of the game unfolds within just 3 feet of the boards. Mastering the art of offensive and defensive play along the wall is absolutely crucial. Whether it's launching an attack, creating space, supporting your teammates, or triumphing in defensive battles to break out the puck, wall play awareness is the foundation of a high Hockey IQ.

At Hockey Factory, we'll guide you in refining your body positioning, stick placement, and defensive strategies, transforming you into a well-rounded player. You'll gain the skills needed to skate pucks, locate your teammates, and set up interior plays, often initiated right from the boards.


Our Comprehensive Training Covers:

Our Comprehensive Training Covers:

  • Gap Closing: Learn to close the distance effectively.
  • Stick Steering: Master the art of precise stick control.
  • Angling: Gain the upper hand with expert angling techniques.
  • Stick Lifts, Poke Checks, and Stick Checks: Become proficient in dislodging pucks and intercepting passes.
  • Puck Protection: Secure the puck under pressure.
  • Body Positioning: Position yourself strategically for optimal play.
  • Checking: Develop the confidence and skill to dominate along the walls.

Join our dedicated instructors, and equip yourself with these indispensable skills. With no hesitation, you'll seize the advantage along the boards, setting yourself apart as a formidable force on the ice. Elevate your game with Hockey Factory today!



Saturday's 6:45-8:15pm (2013-Older)AA/AAA